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Flea Removal & Prevention


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Fleas are 1-3 mm in size and a shiny, reddish brown in color. Although they’re most often associated with cats and dogs, they can also feed on the blood of humans, birds and reptiles. Fleas don’t have wings, but they are able to jump long distances (nearly 4 feet), making it easy for them to move from one host to the next.

Even if you don’t have pets, it’s possible for your home to be infested with fleas. Another pest, such as a mouse or rat, could bring them into your house; even if the rodent is removed, the flea infestation could continue as these pests will move on to other mammals in the home, such as the people that live there.

How to Tell if You Have Fleas

The most common indication of fleas is your pets scratching themselves. Adult fleas are also large enough that it’s possible for you to see them jumping from one host to another – especially if the infestation is widespread. On the other hand, their eggs, larvae and pupae are much harder to spot; look for them in bedding, cracks or grooves in your floors or buried in your carpet fibers (they look kind of like salt and pepper).

How to Deter Fleas in Your Home

  • Vacuum every day (make sure you dispose of the bag or canister right away to prevent re-infestation).
  • Wash bedding in hot water at least once a month – especially any that your pet often sits or sleeps in.
  • Keep your yard well maintained.

How We Help With This Type of Pest Control

To gain control of fleas, all your pets should be treated and your carpeted areas should be vacuumed and cleared as much as possible. Once these are done, we can apply our product to all carpeted areas. The product we use has an adulticide to eliminate the adult fleas as well as a growth regulator to prevent future fleas from reproducing. Customers are required to vacate their home for a minimum of two hours for treatment. After treatment all carpeted areas need to vacuumed daily to eliminate activity.

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Kyle Pest Control


If you have pests and insects in your home and are looking for a reliable and reputable company for effective pest control in Kyle, TX, consider yourself in the right place. Pests can be irritating as they are creepy, leave you sick and make your home dirty.

Get in touch with Clark Pest Control when looking for the best Kyle pest control services. As an established company, we have been providing pest services for a while now.

Call us for Kyle pest control when you have the following:

  • Ant infestation
  • Termite infestation
  • Spider infestation
  • Rodent infestation

Place your trust in our highly skilled and trained exterminators for the most effective Kyle pest control. Our exterminators use safe pest extermination products that do not harm your pets.

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Kyle Pest Control Company


Consider your search for the best Kyle pest control company complete as we offer effective pest control services. Our exterminators have the expertise to drive out all pests and insects from nooks, corners, niches and areas of your home or commercial establishment.

Rely on us as your Kyle pest control company as many other clients have in the region. We offer regular and customized services depending upon the extent of the infestation. For some clients, one-time service is enough to drive away the pests, while repeated extermination is required for others.

As your Kyle pest control company, we offer:

  • Rodent removal
  • Flea removal
  • Wasp removal
  • Spider removal

You can be at peace of mind by choosing us as your Kyle pest control company. Call us to schedule the pest services at your convenience. However, we recommend that you must not delay the extermination services on sighting bug colonies or droppings.

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Kyle Pest Control Services


You can keep the insects and pests out of your home and community when you have the best Kyle pest control services. We provide services that fit your need and assure you of a pest-free environment.

Count on our Kyle pest control services to keep your home safe. Pests are nasty as they can infest your home, food, clothes and other things, making them unsafe and unfit for use. Call us for our effective Kyle pest control services, which include the following:

  • Exterminator services
  • Insect removal services
  • Pest prevention services
  • Bugs prevention services

Call us to know more about our Kyle pest control services and pricing before scheduling them. We assure you of top-quality services at the most reasonable prices.

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